Belleza a los 40´s

Beauty in the 40’s


In the famous “Second 20’s”, with the experience of a great life and all the respective cares through our 20’s and 30’s, the skin in our 40’s should look fabulous in our face and body.

If your cares weren’t the best ones, don’t worry I’ll give you some recommendations.


¡Time to invest!


In the 40’s: In this age there’s no excuse, you must take care and keep taking care constantly. The skin defects no longer can be hidden behind the make-up because they become more evident, so the best measure is to stop the damage in our skin and correct the things of habits we don’t like.

The aging process is something we cannot stop, but we can choose to have the same chronological age than our visible skin’s age. The aging alters some facial areas, causesloose of muscle tone and a volume’s decrease principally in the cheeks, lips and chin. On this age the facial treatments have to focus foremost on the skin’s nutrition, so once this is accomplished we can correct and work on other aspects such as facial sagging, wrinkles, sun spots, etc.


Ideally you should mix a group of treatments that can separately attack all this imperfections, for example: facial radiofrequency to return the skin’s firmness, in combination with other apparatus and actives that can improve the skin on both inside and outside. The interesting thing is to choose treatments that use natural substances of our organism that our skin starts to lose as time goes by and that our body is unable to replace.


Shaping Facial + Youth: Is the ideal combination to work the skin’s flaccidity and nutrition; on one hand we count with the radiofrequency multipolar strength that helps us not only to achieve firmness in our face contour but to smooth the delicate zones like the eyes and lips areas. On the other hand, the more than 9 organic and natural ingredients of Youth + De L’Atelier Des Delices that have as star active the hyaluronic vegetal acid. This is the most accepted component by our body and will help us to give volume and tone to our face so that it looks much younger.


Collagen Booster of Bruno Vassari: A real cocktail of nutrition and antioxidants for our skin, with peptides that stimulate collagen synthesis and vitamin C that is an antioxidant that helps with luminosity and protects the skin from the first aging signs. Collagen Booster focus all its attention in the collagen synthesis, which is the most abundant protein of our body that is principally composed by connective tissue. The collagen represents the 80% of all the connective tissues achieving a considerable esthetic improvement in the wrinkles depth and giving more firmness to our skin.


Cell Active of Bruno VassariIs a line of stem vegetal cells of organic origin that give support to our skin’s structure. Its principal actives are the stem cells that come from sequolla’s trees highly regenerating and the vid’s flower one of the most powerful antioxidants. Together they will give our skin more flexibility improving the fine lines.


Recommended Technology: Multipolar RF, IPL, Electro-Stimulation, O2 and Infrared.


See u tomorrow ! =)



Monique Navarro